Major News Announcement regarding the Balance Yoga Studio

3 February 2018

Dear Yoga friends,

This weekend marks exactly one year to the day since I received a disturbing phone call. The man calling represented a construction firm. He said he wanted access to my yoga studio premises as he was scoping out work for a major building renovation project. He told me the project was likely to start in March, would continue for about seven months, and that I would be shut out of my premise for the duration of the work.

That phone call left me completely shocked. I was just heading into my third year of running the Balance Yoga studio, it was finally looking like everything was settled in for this fledgling enterprise, and the year ahead looked full of promise.

Instead, from that day on 2017 was a year of stress and uncertainty, with the prospect of losing the yoga studio hanging over me. The start date for the building work was pushed out month after month, with continuing uncertainty, before eventually starting in July. As you may know, from then on the studio was not suitable for use most of the time, and classes were cancelled, relocated or held in a darkened and compromised space.

Suffice to say, 2017 was a struggle. But we managed to keep offering yoga in some capacity through until Christmas, with the intention that we would be able to restart early this year when all the work would be completed and we could finally look ahead to a new and settled year.

I am writing to you now to tell you that, sadly, that is not the case. 

At the end of 2017 I learned that the building renovations that had hampered the yoga studio so much for months would not be done and dusted in February as expected. Instead, further works are planned for this building, but the owners of the building have not even had the decency to inform me of this. With work likely to continue on for months in 2018, for an uncertain period of time, on top of the hardships already endured, I have been forced to make a very tough decision. Here it is:

Due to severe and ongoing disruption from building renovations, 
the Balance Yoga studio will be closing permanently.

Like you, this is not the start I had expected to 2018, and it is bitterly disappointing.

I know many of you will be very disappointed by this news and I offer my sincerest apologies for that. I did not pour the last three years of my life into creating Balance Yoga only to be faced with this situation. However it’s out of my control, and with significant damage already sustained to the business, and no clear timeline for the end of the disruption, this is a decision I have to make.

While this news may take a while to sink in and spread through everyone affected, it does not mean the end of me providing yoga in Cambridge. I do have a plan for this year – it will just be in a different form.

In 2018 Balance Yoga will be changing from a studio based yoga community to a more ‘mobile’ form. This involves scaling back from having a group of teachers and going back to my original format of just offering classes myself in the community.

Below I have covered off many details about what classes I will be teaching in Cambridge, as well as pricing, what happens with concession cards and more. But before I launch into all those details I would like to say this:

At its heart, yoga is not found in a building or a studio, and does not rely on a specific physical space. Nor is it found solely on a yoga mat.

Yoga in its essence is found in YOU – the individual, and in your intention to become present and mindful in whatever activity you undertake, wherever you may be.

Despite the studio closing, I remain committed to continue helping you find and develop your yoga – both on the mat in my classes or in your own space, and in your everyday life off the mat.

The opportunities to facilitate this are many and varied, and in the coming months I will be spending time finding new ways to connect with you and our wonderful community of yogis in and around Cambridge. Think of this as not the end, just a divergence onto a new and unexpected path.

July update:

This term will we be teaching out of the same alternative venues we were using last year. 
Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are at the Kenpo Karate room by Mitre 10. And Tuesdays evenings will be in the St Andrew's church hall.
We are starting with the following popular classes: 
- Yoga for Athletes & Everyone
- Align & Flow
- Gentle Yoga
- Beginner's courses

Casual classes $15 adult, $11 students (full time)
Concession cards are now 'multi class cards'. They are the same price as last year ($150 for 10 classes). The price of casual classes has dropped from $18 to $15 - so casual classes and card classes are the same cost (cards simply offer convenience).
Beginner's courses - 8 week courses. Enrolments are required for these courses (we will have an enrolment form next week). Limited to 18 places. Cost is $150 for the course.

If you are looking to start yoga this year - please register your interest for our Beginner's Courses that run each term.

'Unhunch'-ing at lunch
'Unhunch'-ing at lunch

Yin Yoga
Yin Yoga



Success for The Second Floor Yoga & Wellbeing Centre

Balance Yoga is the central part of The Second Floor Yoga & Wellbeing Centre, owned by yoga teacher Sarah MacDonald.
In August 2016, Sarah's business won the Excellence in Business - Sole Trader category at the Waipa Networks Business Awards. It's a proud achievement for this young business. We truly appreciate the enthusiastic reception that Balance Yoga and The Second Floor centre have received since opening in February 2015. A huge thank-you to our many students and clients. We love being a part of your week and helping you 'find your self, on a higher level'!
If you haven't been up to The Second Floor, or tried a yoga class yet, we look forward to meeting you soon.

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