Prices & Conditions

Casual Yoga Classes

Adult: $18
Student: $14 (Full time students, ID required for 18yrs+)
Unhunch at Lunch (45 minute class) $10

Concession Cards

Concession cards provide a discount over casual prices, and are designed to encourage students to develop a regular practice.
Starter Card:
The most affordable way to try your first classes.
Three classes for $30. Valid for one month from start date.
(Starter Card is not valid for specialty classes including pregnancy classes and hot yoga).
Ten Class Card:
Adult: $150 Student: $110
Valid for 20 weeks from start date.
Unhunch at Lunch 5-class card:
Five lunchtime classes for $50. Valid for ten weeks.
(No extra discount, but provides convenience over paying at each class).
Pregnancy Classes:
Pregnancy yoga classes have a special monthly membership option. The first month is $75 (five classes) and subsequent months are $60 (equating to $15 per class). Membership conditions apply.
Casual attendance is possible, and is $22 per class.
Athlete Card:
Discount card for qualifying high performance athletes/teams. Student prices apply.
Please enquire at the studio.

Payment methods

Cash or eftpos at the studio, or online payment.
Sorry, credit cards not accepted.

Concession Card Conditions

Concession cards provide a discount over casual attendance. They are designed to encourage you to develop a regular yoga practice.
Cards are not transferable, but may be shared by family members living in the same household (e.g. partners/ spouses/siblings).
Concession cards can be used for any open attendance regular class. They are not valid as payment for courses or workshops.
Cards have generous time allowances and expire on the date shown and cannot be extended once they pass the expiry date. Extensions may be granted by discretion for exceptional circumstances (e.g. some medical conditions, but not going on holiday). To apply for an extension you must see staff before your card expires.
NO extensions given on expired cards.

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