Balance Yoga's Class Schedule 2018

Our popular classes continuing this term...

Brief Class Guide

  • Align & Flow, Yoga for Athletes, Unhunch at Lunch and Gentle Yoga are suitable for all levels, including beginners. No booking required.
  • Beginner's Course - Term four course now full. Please contact me if you are interested in a weekend Beginner's Workshop this term. 

Beginner's Yoga Courses

Our Beginner's Yoga course is always popular! 
This is the perfect place to start for anyone completely new to yoga, or to yogis who want to gain a greater understanding of the how, what and why of yoga. This is a six-week course. 

This popular course regularly books out well in advance. Term for is now FULL.
To register your interest for additional Beginner's Yoga workshops this term please contact me

Align & Flow Yoga

Tuesdays 5.45pm (St Andrews church hall) and Wednesdays 9am (Kenpo karate room)
Align & Flow features a balanced range of poses that we link together in flowing sequences and moving with our breath. This is also known as a 'vinyasa' style class. We also work in greater detail on the alignment of specific poses to build strengthen, endurance, flexibility and body awareness. The class format normally features a 'Sun Salute' inspired warm up, standing poses, and then a selection of back extensions, hip openers, forward bends and/or twisting poses, followed by relaxation.

Align & Flow is suitable for all levels, as poses can be tailored to individual need.

Unhunch at Lunch

Wednesdays 12.30-1.15pm, Kenpo karate room, Oliver Street
Step out of the office for a 45-minutes mid-week to move, stretch and breathe. The perfect antidote to spending too much time sitting, standing or simply in the daily grind. You'll leave feeling revived, refreshed and ready to face the second half of your week.
You'll be refreshed, but not sweating - so this is ideal for your lunch break. No experience or booking required.
Plus take advantage of our great 'lunchtime special' price of just $10.

Gentle Yoga

Thursdays 9-10am, Kenpo karate room, Oliver Street.
As the name suggests, this is the class to come to for a 'gentle' yoga experience. This popular class features mostly seated poses, focusing more on gentle mobility and stretching than it does on strength or endurance. Working through all your tight spots, such as the neck, shoulders, spine and hips, whilst taking care of our joints, with some balance and core poses as well. We keep focused on our breath and finish with relaxation. A great 'mindful movement' experience. 

Yoga for Athletes & Everyone - Mondays 9am

You certainly don't have to be an athlete to come along to Yoga For Athletes & Everyone. It is suitable for everyone. But it's especially suitable for anyone who does a sport - whether you are a weekend warrior or competing at the highest level.

There is an important difference between 'Yoga for athletes' and 'Athletic yoga'.

This yoga class is designed to help 'rebalance' you by stretching out the most common areas that get tight due to physical activity, especially the hips, leg muscles, spine and shoulders. Think of it as being kind to your body after putting it through its paces during the weekend. Because this is more of a 'stretch, recover and relax' class, it is not overly strenuous, and you'll leave feeling looser, more relaxed and ready to face the week ahead.

Our locations for 2018:


The Kenpo Karate room, located opposite Mitre 10 on Oliver Street (come into the large car parking area).


The St Andrew's church hall. That's the big white church on the corner by the new roundabout. Please park around the back of the hall.

A personal message from me...

If you have been in town from July 2017 onwards, you would have become familiar with the mountainous structure of scaffolding and plastic that had engulfed the building at 60 Victoria Street. Finally the wrapping is gone. Sadly, so is the yoga studio. 

Unfortunately the MASSIVE disruption from the prolonged building renovations were too much for us to bear. The studio space basically became a construction site, with no natural lighting, or heating or air-conditioning, and constant noise. It became completely incompatible with our activities for far too long.

Due to the disruption, I made the very difficult decision to permanently move out of the building, and am now teaching yoga classes at other venues in the Cambridge community. The important lesson from this change is in the wisdom that yoga is not about the room you are in. It is about the intention you bring with you each time you step onto the mat, no matter where you are.

This year I am continuing to offer you the same high quality yoga classes, and Beginner's courses, at a couple of locations in town. All the details are below. I invite you to join me and look forward to sharing the many benefits of yoga with you. 


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