Current timetable - 30 Oct to 21 Dec

A few IMPORTANT notes about the current timetable

  • CLASS RELOCATIONS: Due to building renovations, our MORNING CLASSES (only) are currently relocated. This affects the 9am Monday, 9am Tuesday and 9.30am Thursday classes. Details below.
  • Mindfulness meditation has now resumed. Join Elizabeth Day for this Wednesday evening session from 7-8pm.
  • We are not running Unhunch at Lunch every week, EXCEPT for when breaks in the building renovations allow. To be kept informed about when this class is being held, please join our Unhunch at Lunch email list. We will email you to advise when class is on throughout the term. This class is held 12.30-1.15pm, and is most likely to be on a Tuesday or Thursday.

Temporary class relocations (morning classes)

From now until Christmas, while our building renovations continue, our Monday, Tuesday and Thursday morning yoga classes are currently held in alternative venues. ALL other classes are still running at the studio. 

Thank-you for your patience with these changes during our renovations. We are 'nearly' there now, and looking forward to revealing the new look studio in the new year.  

Mondays 9-10am - Yoga for Athletes

This class is held in the Kenpo Karate room, located opposite Mitre 10 on Oliver Street (come into the large car parking area).

Tuesdays 9am Align & Flow and Thursdays 9.30am Gentle Yoga

These classes are held in the St Andrew's church hall. That's the big white church on the corner by the new roundabout. Please park around the back of the hall.

Brief Class Guide

  • Align & Flow, Yoga for Athletes, Yin Yoga, Gentle Yoga and Unhunch at Lunch are suitable for all levels, including beginners. No booking required.
  • Align & Flow 'Plus' - Suitable for all levels, and including options for more advanced variations. Good for students looking for a challenge & to advance their practice.
  • Mindfulness Meditation - Guided meditation class. Three week intro course in summer. Then a 10-week term course starting 8 February. Register now for the term course.
  • Beginner's Course - Courses run each term. The ideal place to start. Booking required in advance.
  • Pregnancy Yoga - Block courses starting from February - please contact us for details.
  • Mums & Bubs Yoga - Six week course will begin late February. Booking required. Contact us for details.

Yoga Class Descriptions

Align & Flow Yoga

Align & Flow features a balanced range of poses that we link together in flowing sequences and moving with our breath. This is also known as a 'vinyasa' style class. We also work in greater detail on the alignment of specific poses to build strengthen, endurance, flexibility and body awareness. The class format normally features a 'Sun Salute' inspired warm up, standing poses, and then a selection of back extensions, hip openers, forward bends and/or twisting poses, followed by relaxation.

Align & Flow is suitable for all levels, as poses can be tailored to individual need.

Align & Flow class times:

MONDAY 5.30-6.30pm

TUESDAY 9-10am

THURSDAY 5.30-6.30pm


Beginner's Yoga - All welcome

This is the ideal class if you have little or no yoga experience - or if you just want to go back to basics and refresh your practice. Taking a slower pace than our 'flow' classes, we'll time the time to ensure we move into poses with awareness of intention and alignment. This class will be tailored to who comes along each week. Casual attendance welcome.


Unhunch at Lunch (class on 'hold' currently)

Do you sit a lot during the day? Or work in Cambridge? The middle of the day is a great time to come and 'UNHUNCH' with us. Stretch out the back, shoulders and hips, and get your mind of the 'busyness' of your day. It only takes 45 minutes, so is ideal to fit into your lunch hour. This class is beginner friendly, and for the 'lunchtime special' price of just $10. Grab a workmate and join us.


Yin Yoga - Wednesdays 5.30 - 6.40pm

Yin yoga is characterised by gentle, long held poses (3-5 minutes per pose). Rather than actively working into poses by contracting muscles, we come to yin in a more relaxed approach and use long held gentle traction to release tension and tightness throughout the body, targeting our fascia (connective tissue), and creating space around our joints. A wonderful, holistic approach that needs to be experienced to be understood.

WEDNESDAYS 5.30-6.40PM (*70-minute class).

Alignment Yoga - Tuesdays - TWO class times

Class times: 5.15 - 6.15pm  and   6.30 - 7.30pm

Alignment Yoga demands your attention to each pose, with a stronger emphasis on working and aligning the body into the pose in greater detail. Suitable for all levels, including new students. Alignment Yoga will leave you both focused and relaxed, and will both strengthen and stretch your body. This class is lead by our new teacher VĂ©ronica Guitterez, from Chile. VĂ©ronica is trained in the Iyengar Yoga method, which strongly influences the approach to this class. 

Mindfulness Meditation - Wednesdays 7-8pm

Mindfulness Meditation is accessible to everybody. It takes a simple approach, yet can have great impact on your daily life. Mindfulness meditation gives you the opportunity to step out of the state of being led by an overly active mind. It helps you practice transforming from a human 'doing' to simply a human 'being'. Our final eight-week meditation course for 2017 starts on Wed 1 November. Bookings now open.

Casual attendance also available ($15), 7-8pm on Wednesdays

Gentle Yoga - Thursdays 9.30-10.30am

As the name suggests, this is the class to come to for a 'gentle' yoga experience. This popular class features mostly seated poses, focusing more on gentle mobility and stretching than it does on strength or endurance. Working through all your tight spots, such as the neck, shoulders, spine and hips, whilst taking care of our joints, with some balance and core poses as well. We keep focused on our breath and finish with relaxation. A great 'mindful movement' experience. THURSDAYS 9.30am.

Yoga for Athletes & Everyone - Mondays 9am

You certainly don't have to be an athlete to come along to Yoga For Athletes & Everyone. It is suitable for everyone. But it's especially suitable for anyone who does a sport - whether you are a weekend warrior or competing at the highest level.

There is an important difference between 'Yoga for athletes' and 'Athletic yoga'.

This yoga class is designed to help 'rebalance' you by stretching out the most common areas that get tight due to physical activity, especially the hips, leg muscles, spine and shoulders. Think of it as being kind to your body after putting it through its paces during the weekend. Because this is more of a 'stretch, recover and relax' class, it is not overly strenuous, and you'll leave feeling looser, more relaxed and ready to face the week ahead.

MONDAYS 9.00-10.00am.