Prices & Conditions

Casual Yoga Classes

Adult: $15

Student: $11 (Full time students, ID required for 18yrs+)

Multi class cards

Multi class cards are a convenient alternative to paying for each class separately.  They don't offer a further discount, but are purely for convenience, and for your own commitment to a regular practice. 
All cards purchased this year are valid through to the end of 2020.
Cards available: 3 or 4 class cards only. Ten class cards are no longer available for purchase (as of May 2020).

Card Conditions

Multi-class cards are designed to encourage you to develop a regular yoga practice.

Cards are not transferable, but may be shared by family members living in the same household (e.g. partners/ spouses/siblings).

Cards can be used for any open attendance regular class. They are not valid as payment for courses or workshops.

Cards purchased during 2020 are valid until the end of the year. 

Payment methods

Cash or eftpos available, or online payment.

Sorry, credit cards not accepted.


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