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New classes are here... with more to come...

Please refer to the schedule below for January and February. There are a few changes for the first weeks before everything settles into a more regular pattern.

  • The ever-popular Align & Flow - is on each Tuesday evening 5.45-6.45
  • Yoga For Active Bodies (Y-FAB) starts off on Tuesday mornings for the first five weeks to work around public holidays etc. It's Tuesday 9-10am from 12 January to 9 Feb. Then it returns to its regular Monday 9am slot from 15 February.
  • Gentle Yoga is 9-10am on Wednesday mornings in January. Then it returns to its regular Thursday slot from 4 February.
  • I'm excited to announce the return of Unhunch at Lunch! This is perfect for workers in Cambridge - a 45-minute class to get you out of the office to stretch your body and reset your mind. This will be at the Studio Collective, 29a Victoria Street (next door to Fill Good). Class is 12.15-1pm on Tuesdays from 26 January, and also Thursdays from 4 Feb. 

Stay tuned... there are more new classes to be announced within the next few weeks!

Class Options

Yoga for Active Bodies

Mondays 9-10am*  
Kenpo Karate room,Oliver Street 
* This class is on Tuesdays from 12 Jan to 9 Feb, then back to Mondays from 15 Feb.

Whether you exercise or play sport regularly, or get active in your garden, keeping your body active helps keep you healthy on many levels. However, our sports and other activities can also lead to imbalances, strains and pains, or tightness. 

This yoga class has a different focus each week, to help 'rebalance' your body with stretching, strengthening and/or recovery sequences. It targets the most common areas that get tight or weak due to physical activity, especially the core, hips, leg muscles, spine and shoulders. It is not overly strenuous, and you'll leave feeling looser, more relaxed and ready to face the week ahead. 

Align & Flow

Tuesdays 5.45pm
St Andrews church hall

Align & Flow features a balanced range of poses that we link together in flowing sequences and moving with our breath. This is also known as a 'vinyasa' style class. We also work in greater detail on the alignment of specific poses to build strengthen, endurance, flexibility and body awareness. The class format normally features a 'Sun Salute' inspired warm up, standing poses, and then a selection of back extensions, hip openers, forward bends and/or twisting poses, followed by relaxation.

Align & Flow is suitable for all levels, as poses can be tailored to individual need.

Gentle Yoga

Thursdays 9-10am* 
Kenpo karate room, Oliver Street.
*This class is on Wednesdays in January, and back to Thursdays from 4 February.
As the name suggests, this is the class to come to for a 'gentle' yoga experience. This popular class features mostly seated poses, focusing more on gentle mobility and stretching than it does on strength or endurance. Working through all your tight spots, such as the neck, shoulders, spine and hips, whilst taking care of our joints, with some balance and core poses as well. We keep focused on our breath and finish with relaxation. A great 'mindful movement' experience. 

Suitable for ALL levels

The above classes are suitable for all levels of experience. If you can generally move OK (can you go from standing to sitting and back to standing unaided? Can you be on hands and knees?) you should be fine to attend these classes. The more you come along the easier it gets. If you're unsure, please contact me and I'll be happy to have a chat.


60 min classes are:  $15 for adults   or $11 for full time students.
Unhunch at Lunch (45 mins) $12 or $10 students

Cash or eftpos available. Multi class cards available.

Class locations


The Kenpo Karate room, located opposite Mitre 10 on Oliver Street (come into the large car parking area).


The St Andrew's church hall. That's the big white church on the corner by the new roundabout. Please park around the back of the hall.


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