Yoga For Athletes

What is Yoga for Athletes?

Yoga for athletes is an effective and holistic way to balance out the demands your sport places on your body.
'Yoga for athletes' is not the same as 'athletic yoga'. While 'athletic' styles of yoga can give you a good workout, yoga for athletes is designed to complement your training load, and provide an opportunity to work on strength, flexibility, recovery or mental focus - whatever your body and mind most need.
Rather than a 'workout', yoga for athletes often provides an all-important 'work-in' that can otherwise be overlooked.

Sarah MacDonald is New Zealand's only certified Yoga for Athletes instructor.

Sarah specialises in helping athletes maintain physical balance and mental focus.
Sarah has worked with athletes of all levels, from school students through to some of New Zealand's most elite athletes, including Olympians and world champions.
Recently she has worked with athletes in sports including cycling, rowing, triathlon, swimming and kayaking.

Benefits of Yoga for Athletes

  • Correct imbalances - developed due to repetitive use of selected muscles
  • Develop strength - sports-specific yoga programmes will develop the strength you need to provide power and stability in your sport
  • Increase flexibility - maintain and improve your range of motion for more effective performance
  • Complement your training - yoga for athletes works in tandem with your training programme. Depending where you are in your season (base, build or competition phase) yoga sessions will help you with what you need at the time, be it a greater focus on strength, flexibility or relaxation and mental focus.
  • Injury prevention - by keeping your body in balance (finding balance between strength/flexibility, stability/mobility and stress/rest) you will reduce your chances of injuries due to over-use or impact
  • Relaxation and recovery - sometimes it is hard to be soft, and allow your body the time out it needs to restore balance. With restorative practices yoga presents the opportunity to truly allow your body and mind to recover from the rigors of training, and to fully relax.
  • Mental focus - above all else, the discipline of yoga demands your undivided attention. It is much more than simply stretching. Yoga will help athletes improve awareness of your body and your breath, and teach you how to sharpen your mental focus, which can be the defining factor in sporting success.

Start your yoga practice today

Any athletes, coaches, individuals, sports group or teams are welcome to come and try our Yoga For Active Bodies class.

This is held each Monday, 9-10am in the Cambridge Community Pavilion.

Private sessions for individuals or groups are also available and will be tailored for your specific sports needs.


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