Yoga Classes in Cambridge

Balance Yoga is pleased to bring you Yoga in the Park

Yoga in the Park is continuing...

Yoga in the Park has been so wonderful all summer long, and now into autumn. No one really wants it to end. So it's not! As we head towards winter Yoga in the Park is moving indoors, however it is STILL in the park.

Our new home is the Cambridge Community Pavilion, in Victoria Square. This give us the best of both worlds - as the weather turns wet and cold we will be comfortable indoors, and able to look out over the park.

Starting after Easter, all classes will be upstairs in the community pavilion. However, if it's a lovely warm morning we have the option to simply choose to set up outdoors.

We're staying in the park... upstairs in the Cambridge Community Pavililon

Current timetable - as at 10 May

MONDAYS 9-10am Yoga for Active Bodies 
A mix of strength, mobility, balance and breath. A great way to ease out any sore spots from your weekend activities, and set up for a positive week ahead. Suitable for all levels, beginners welcome.

TUESDAYS - 5.30-6.30pm - Align & Flow
A more dynamic, flowing style practice starting with sun salutes or variations, standing sequences, seated poses and, as always, ending with relaxation. Can be more physically demanding, but adaptable to all levels.

THURSDAYS - 9-10am Gentle Yoga
As the name suggest, we take it a bit easier in gentle yoga, with a slower pace and lower intensity. Plenty of attention to mindful movement, exploration and breath. Great for beginners and those looking for a gentle exercise option.


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