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About Me

Sarah MacDonald

Balance Yoga & Breathing

I'm Sarah MacDonald. I'm a qualified yoga instructor, breathing coach and mindfulness facilitator

My mission is to help you get more out of life by being able to move, breathe and live with greater ease and awareness. 
A complete yoga practice brings together mindful movement, breathing and conscious living - bringing mind and body into greater harmony. 

I have 30 years' experience in yoga, and have expanded my training in the fields of mindfulness and breathing. I'm also NZ's only certified Yoga for Athletes instructor. I enjoy working with people from all backgrounds, ages and abilities to help share the benefits of incorporating any combination of these aspects into their everyday lives. 

If you want to enhance your physical and/or mental wellbeing, I welcome you to get in touch with me, join a yoga class, come on board to discover the power of your breath, and enjoy the benefits of bringing more balance into your life.

How can I help you?

Yoga can help improve your strength, endurance, flexibility and resilience - both physically and mentally. Both breath work and yoga can help people manage stress and anxiety, energy levels, to sleep better and to address issues such as digestion.

You don't need to be flexible, or fit, to start practicing yoga or working on your breathing. You don't need to be a certain size, shape, colour, ethnicity or anything else.

My clients range from teens under pressure, overworked parents and corporates, to world-class athletes, and grannies keeping active. 

Contact me today if you'd like to find out more. Or book in for a FREE 15-minute breathing discovery session. I look forward to meeting you.

Forms you may need, plus the Ts&Cs

Certified Yoga Instructor

200 hour teacher training (NZ)
Certified Yoga for Athletes instructor (Sage Rountree, USA)
50hr Yin Yoga teacher training (NZ)

Certified Breath Coach

YogaBody Teachers' College
International Yoga Alliance verified training provider

Mindfulness Facilitator

Mindfulness in NZ
Accredited with the International Mindfulness & Meditation Alliance

Do something for your wellbeing today

Contact me to book your free online 15-minute breathing discovery session

Or enquire about yoga classes to suit your needs

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