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Breathe your way to better health

Breathing. Because it's automatic, we rarely think about it.

Breathing is the one thing you do from the moment you are born to the moment you die, so you think you’d be pretty good at it, right?

The truth is, most people know very little about healthy breathing and how basic changes to your breathing habits can have profound impacts on your wellbeing. 

Breath coaching can show you how something as ‘simple’ as breathing can have a meaningful impact on your physical and mental state.

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Breath Coaching

Learn how you can take control and breathe your way to better health.

Are you over-breathing?

We all know the health impacts of over-eating. But did you know that a huge amount of people are also over-breathing, without realising it at all?

That may sound like a strange concept. If breathing and oxygen supply are vital for health, surely breathing more is better for us, right? Not so. 

Over-breathing, or other disfunctional breathing, can lead to a wide range of symptoms affecting your physical and mental wellbeing.

The power of your breath

Your breath and your nervous system are inextricably linked. How you breathe affects a wide range of mental and physiological factors, including:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Energy levels
  • Mental focus
  • Digestion
  • Sleep
  • Hormones and mood
  • Blood pressure
  • Organ function

How breath coaching works

Breath coaching will help you understand and optimise your breathing. You will learn about the power of your breath, and how something as ‘simple’ as breathing can have a meaningful impact on your physical and mental state.

Breathing coaching with certified breathing coach Sarah MacDonald is a one-month personalised programme. You’ll have four one-on-one coaching sessions, done online at your convenience.

Breath coaching uses simple, safe, science-based practices to help you optimise your breathing. Once you learn these techniques you don't need anything else. No equipment, there's no cost, no fancy positions - just you and your breath. 

What's included:

  • Breath testing (baseline and weekly check-ins)
  • Learn a range of breathing practices for different purposes
  • Learn about the science of breathing
  • Understand how you can manipulate your nervous system to manage your stress, energy levels, and more
  • Video library of guided practices for you to follow
  • Full email support throughout

Breath Coaching is:


Breath coaching is suitable for anyone, regardless of age or health conditions.


Learn simple techniques that take no more than five minutes.


Learn how something as simple as how you breath can have big impacts on how you feel. Notice changes straight away.

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